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Events | The Industrial Athlete Championship Series


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IACSeries #3 Hosted at Mesa Training Academy

March 8, 2014


0700   Athlete and team check in

0730   Individual and Team Walkthroughs

0745   Colors

0800   Begin Workouts


Individual WOD #1 (all categories)

Equipment needed:

Each athlete will need


Wall-ball 14/20


WOD Description-

Athletes will start at a predetermined line with a sandbag. Upon the signal to begin, the athlete will run approximately 100 yards with the assigned sandbag.

The athlete will take up a station and immediately put down the sandbag and begin performing 25 wall-balls to the target.

Once complete, the athlete will pick up the sand bag again and perform 25 sandbag thrusters.

Once complete, the athlete will then put down the sandbag and row 250 meters.

Once complete the athlete will pick up the sandbag and run with the sandbag to the top of the fire tower breaking the plane of the top landing and then return to the starting line where the time will be recorded.  (NO STAIRS MAY BE SKIPPED DURING THE DECENT OF THE FIRE TOWER!)




Team Wod #1

4 Person team (Both General and Public Safety)

Equipment given to each team

2 / Vests

2/ Helmets

2/ Weighted PVC Rifles with Sling

1/ 165# Dummy

1/ Fire Truck Tire and Harness

Two team members will wear the Vest and Helmet at all times. All members must also keep control of their PVC simulated weapon. Each team will be assigned a number 1-5

Once the start horn has sounded, the team must keep the dummy and rifles off the ground at all times as they progress through the workout. The fire truck tire must be dragged (not carried or rolled) for the entire course.  Any item in their possession that touches the ground, other than the tire, will result in a 10 burpee penalty for the entire team.

Upon the start each team will proceed with their items down the track to the 1st obstacle.

1st Obstacle is an assigned by number 6 foot wooden wall, approximately 200 Meters away. The team must negotiate all items in their charge and all team members successfully over the wall, including the tire. Once they are all over the wall they will continue to the next obstacle.  Remember, no items may touch the ground except the tire.

2nd Obstacle is a railroad tie on the ground with a sledge hammer. The team must move the railroad tie the set distance by one member at a time, in any order they choose, by swinging the sledge hammer in the manner it was intended for. You must use the head of the sledge hammer striking the railroad tie on its end face to advance the railroad tie to the set final distance.  Once the railroad tie has been moved the set distance the team will advance to the third obstacle.

3rd Obstacle is a numbered steel door that must be rammed open by one of the members of your team using the ram that you are provided upon arrival to the door.  Once the door has been successfully breached the team will advance to the finish line.

There will be a 15 minute time cap on this event.

There will be numbered cones placed every 20 yards around the course. Each cone, once passed by the team, will be counted as one point and is to be used for scoring in case of a team does not cross the finish line before the time cap.

This WOD will be completed by 10:30

The Next WOD’s will begin at 11:00


WOD # 2 Teams

Equipment Needed:

Rower for each team

Pull Up bars

Fire Hose


WOD Description:

The team members will progress through this wod in “Choo Choo Train” fashion. Meaning that a team member may not advance stations until the team member in the lead and in front of you has completed the station you are waiting for AND begun work at the next station.  You must remain at your station until the team mate ahead of you has begun work on their next station.  Any reps completed early will not count.

Each Athlete will begin behind a starting line.

The 1st athlete will advance to the waiting rower and row 500 meters.

Once complete, the athlete will advance to bottom of tower to an awaiting sandbag.  The sandbag will be picked up and 10 sandbag thrusters will be performed. They will then carry that sandbag all the way up and down the fire tower.

Once completed, the athlete will move to the pull-up bars and complete 25 pull-ups

Once completed the athlete will then run to the designated finish line and wait for his team members there.  Time will be recorded when the last team member crosses the line.


Individual WOD 2:

WOD Description:

Each Athlete will line up at the starting line on the track.  Upon the signal to begin “RX” athletes will complete 10 pistol squats each leg OR 60 air squats.  “Scaled” athletes will perform 50 Air squats before following the painted line around the 500 meter track.

After completing the 500 meter lap, the athlete will enter the desert obstacle course where they will proceed over the 3 foot chain link fence, then over the 6 foot block wall, then continue down the ravine and up the back side to the window opening. The athlete will go through the window and continue on where they will proceed through to the finish line.  The time will be recorded by the judges as the athlete proceeds through the shoot.


Awards ceremony

IACSeries 2014 Event 2 at Crossfit Fury

Ok for here it is written out. All the Team and Individual WODS. Times are appox and we will be using old school scoring so we will have a clear winner this time!

Junior athletes will be competing in all the individual WODs. It is the responsiblilty of their coach to determine the correct weight/Scale for their individual athlete. Due to the large variety of ages and genders and small number of competitors (as to control the safety of the event) This will be scored and judged as a Junior Athlete Exhibition. Our goal here is to showcase our up and coming athletes and to give them a chance to do work in front of a large crowd. Dont worry we plan on doing some large scale Jr. Comps in the near future. 

Individual WODs

1. Snowy Speedy Jackie – 6 min time cap.  Your time will determine your place. In the event you do not finish within the time cap you pull up count will be your score and you will be ranked accordingly.

  1. Ski erg  500m
  2. 40 dumbell thrusters (Men RX-25’s Women Rx/Mens Master/ Men Scaled- 20’s, Women Scaled/Women Master 15’s.
  3. 20 pull ups (Women Scaled, Women Masters – Toes to Bar)
2. Burpee/ GTO – 6 min time cap. Your score is the number of total reps you earned within the time cap. In the event that you completed the burpees and were able to get 37 Ground to over head your score would be 78. Highest score wins.
  1. 40 burpee over bar, bar facing- no step overs
  2. Ground to overhead as many reps as possible in remaining time. Mens Rx 135, Women Rx/ Mens Masters/ Mens Scaled 95, Women Scaled/Women Masters 65,
3. Ascending Ladder – 6 min time cap.  Your score is your total points. You earn 1 pt per rep of each exercise. Highest score wins. 
  1. 3 KB Swings  – all mens 53/ all women 35
  2. 3 Box Jump 20″
  3. 6 KB swings
  4. 6 Box Jump
  5. 9 KB swings
  6. 9 Box Jump
  7. and so on and so until the time cap.
Each workout will be weighted as 33% of your score. The athlete with the highest average placing throughout the three will be the winner. In the event of a tie score the Jackie time will be used as a tie breaker. 
Team WOD.
1. 300 the hard way – 15 min time cap. Your score will be your finish time. Fastest time wins. In the event your team does not finish your score will be determined by the number of burpees completed. 
  1. 100 GHD Sit ups
  2. 100 DB Single arm snatch 45/35
  3. 100 burpee plate jump
This is a team relay. Only one member will be doing reps at a time. You must complete the list in order. You may rotate at any time with the athlete handing off the rep count to the next athlete to begin from. The rotation must go Women/Man each time. You may choose to use whatever athlete selection you choose. The kicker here. You must BEAR CRAWL 20m to get to the rep area, do as many as you choose, CRAB WALK back to tag your next teammate in to take your place.
2. Ski Jump Relay – 15 min time cap. Your score will be your finish time. Fastest time wins. In the event you team does not finish you score will be determined by the number of single jumps completed. In the event that you time out on the run your score will be 150 to equal a complete jump rope set. 
  1. Ski Erg 500m
  2. 20 Dead Lifts 225/155
  3. 150 single jump ropes
  4. Run 400 m
In this event you must stagger the order to be Women/ Man or Man/Women. The first athlete will complete the row then that athlete will move on to Dead Lift to begin work on the 20 reps. At that time the next teammate will begin the row, after finishing their 500m they will move on to the Dead lift only when the teammate in front of them has completed their workload and moved to jump rope. This cycle will continue until the last teammate completes the jump rope. At that point all athletes will run a 400m course as a team. Last member of your team to cross the line will stop the clock and that will be your score. Strategy pays off big here, plan your work then work your plan. 
Each team wod is worth equal weight and the combination of the two will determine your placing. In the event of a tie the team with the faster wod 1 will be the winner.
Good Luck. Have Fun. Be Safe

IACSeries 2014 Event 1 at Crossfit Infinite Strength

IAC Series Event 1 @ CrossFit Infinite Strength will start at 8am with registration sign-in starting at 7am.  It is our goal to have you start on time, finish on time, and for everyone to be able to enjoy the rest of their day!  

Schedule of events

0700-0800 registration

0800-0900 TEAM 1 WOD (4 heats of 5 Teams)

0900-1000 INDIVIDUAL 1 WOD (10 heats of 10 individuals to include all MALE/FEMALE RX/SCALED/MASTERS in that order)

1000-1100 TEAM 2 WOD (4 heats of 5 Teams)

1100-1200- INDIVIDUAL 2 WOD (10 heats of 10 individuals to include all MALE/FEMALE RX/SCALED/MASTERS in that order)

1200-1300 – Awards and Good times!

TIme Clock/MC and General Director of Event – DEREK PRICE


Equipment commander and Overall Event Manager and Head Security – Mike

Safety Officer – Brad and Tonya

Head Judge – Ryan Drobel

Medical- Dr. Doug Claus and Dr. Steve Gillis


8:00 minute Max reps of the following, each station has a 2 min time cap.

  1. ground to overhead 95/65 (you can choose male of female)
  2. KB swings 53/35 (you can choose male or female)
  3. Box jumps 24/30 (you can choose male or female)
  4. Row for calories ( you can choose male or female)
Highest total points wins. Each rep will count as one rep as will the total number of calories. Each team member may ONLY DO ONE of the stations. There will be no transition time. It is you responsibility to watch the clock.
Timed evolution. One member will have the timing chip attached to ankle.
You may choose the order of the 1st part of the evolution.
  1. 50 air squats (male or female)
  2. 50 hand release push ups (male or female)
  3. 25 burpees (male or female)
  4. 400 m run

Your team will then move forward to a 4 part 600m course, each member may only complete one portion of the four different requirements.

  1. 200m 75# keg carry
  2. 200m plate over head carry 45/25
  3. 100m bear crawl ( bring gloves its on asphalt)
  4. 100m reverse lunge walk with over head plate 25/15
Your team will then move inside to complete the following
1. 100 pull ups with a team member hanging (BY HAND) from pull up bar. The team member doing pullups will be forced to rotate if and when the hanging team member drops. MUST ROTATE MALE/FEMALE to record pull ups. Any team member may hang without the need to rotate.
2. 150 Wall Balls with a team member holding a bar 45/30 in the overhead squat position at the bottom of the squat. Any abnormal squat stance or bar touching head will force rotation of box jumps. MUST ROTATE MALE/FEMALE to record Wall balls.

A combination of total points scored in WOD 1 with the timing of WOD 2 will determine the winner of this Event #1! Strategize and practice, it makes a difference. Bring gloves and keep it in the back of your mind that we maintain the right to change any part of this wod at any time. hahaha. Good luck


Individual WOD 1

4:00 Max rep Dead lift and Pull ups

*You will perform as many repetitions of dead lift until the 2:00 min mark. Then you will proceed to max pull up reps for 2:00 min. This is a running clock and there is no stop or transition time. You may not start pull ups until after the 2:00 min mark.

There will be three weight choices for dead lift and three choices for pull up variations and each choice will have a multiplier associated with it. You cannot change which selection you have made once you begin. Example you cannot chose muscle up pull up and then attempt to score with chest to bar. Same with dead lift

Mens Rx/Scaled/Masters                                           Women Rx/Scaled/ Masters

DL  135# each rep counts as 1 point                         75# each rep counts as 1 points

225# each rep counts for 1.5 points                  115# each rep counts as 1.5 points

315# each rep counts for 2 points                      185# each rep counts as 2 points

Pull up is scored same for RX/Scaled/Masters both Men and Women

Chin breaks plane of bar 1 point

Chest to bar pull up 1.5 points

Bar Muscle up 2 points

Individual WOD 2

This is a timed race where lowest score wins. I will explain the order but further clarification will be shown on the walk through video

1. run 100m

2. inclined row 1000m

3. weight carry 45# all Men/ 25# all Women 300m forward

4. weight carry 45# all Men/ 25# all Women 300m backward

5. 16 ground to over head with bumper plates 45/25

6. 16 box over box facing burpees

7. 16 second hand stand hold against wall/ Women master and scaled may hold a wall facing wall walk

8. 16 Toes to Bar all RX. / Men and women scaled and masters perform knee to elbow

9. 16 air squat bar touch all RX/ women scaled and women masters must leave ground on jumping squat and not required to touch bar 86″

10. 16 wall ball 20# all Men/ 14# all women  (10ft target for all)

11. 20m forward crab walk to finish line.

Your total score will be your place average between the two wods. They are evenly scaled and each worth 50% of your score. Most reps + fastest time = winner!










AZ Youth Invitational Fitness Event 

Registration will open at 8am and the first heat will begin at 9am. When you arrive make sure you check in, sign the event waiver and get your pre-wod check signed off by one of the judges. Breakfast will be on hand offered by Powered By Pancake and Lunch will be served complimentary to the athletes and for purchase to the rest of us. We expect the event to run 4 hours.

This will be a 7 part wod competition. Lowest total points after the last event wins.

1st place – 0

2nd – 2 pts

3rd – 4 pts

4 th- 6 pts

Anyone that scales a wod will receive a score of 8 for that particular event. Scaling will be allowed and will be required for anyone unable to successfully perform the prescribed evolution.

Now on to the programing!


  1. “Cindy” with 10 min time cap – AMRAP 5 pullups/ 10 hand release push ups/ 15 air squats, Every rep counts total reps after 10 min wins
  2. Bar Complex – 8 min time cap of 5 squat cleans and 10 box jumps. weights and height will be assigned at event.
  3. Standing Broad jump for distance
  4. 300m shuttle run
  5. Med ball throw for distance
  6. 500m row for time
  7. “Grace” 30 reps of ground to overhead for time. weights assigned at event.
Remember people we are trying to run a fun, safe, friendly competition so PLEASE stay positive and cheer on all of the competitors brave enough to step up to the spot light.
Good Luck
Coach Price and the IACSeries TEAM

Nov 12, 2013 – There has been an UPDATE for lululemon of Chandler’s C-Town Throw Down this Saturday, Nov 16th, 2013. REGISTRATION NOW OPENS AT 7am!!

HINT: There will be a unique point wagering option that may help you throughout the day prior to the event start time….so we recommend showing up early!!

See our home page for more details.


The C Town Throw Down presented by lululemon athletica of Chandler

Format of the event is a 2 person partner competition with teams consisting of either male/male or female/female competitors. Divisions are as follows:
Registration Fees: $100/ team
Check in the morning of the event will be at 8am with the first heats kicking off at 9am.
For updates continue to check back here or head on over to lululemon Chandler’s Facebook page



Event 4 at CrossFit SanTan WOD.  The FINALE!!!

Just a quick heads up to all the competitors – there is a very close (even a tie in some areas) race to the podium and there is big $$ in both the Men’s and Women’s RX.  Let the trash talk begin….. Now here’s the deal:


Start time will most likely be at 1:00 pm – Please be slightly flexible as the working parts of these events take shape often times on the fly. Registration for TEAMS will Open at 11:00 and stay open until we start. Come support the INDIVIDUALS going before you. Big Money, Big Prizes!!!!

This will be an “as fast as possible” event of workload where the fastest team wins. And it goes a little something like this…..

1.  2 rounds of 4 x 400 relay with a 35# KB carried on each leg. This will be done in any sequence you like with any carry technique you like (other than to tie it up or attach it so something). Each Teammate will have to go twice in order to complete this element and continue on. You will not be scored on a time here – you just get to move on. It’s a continuous clock for the entire event.

2. 2 athletes of the 4 person team will complete 80 total hand release pushups in a 5 x 8 sequence. With one athlete completing 8 pushups then teammate 2 moves on to do 8 and so on until there are a total of 80 pushups done. The 2 athletes who did NOT particiate in the push ups must each perform 10 burpees AFTER the pushup duo complete their 80 in order to move on to the next element.

3. 2 athletes (the two who did NOT do the push ups ) will complete 80 total Toes to Bar. This again will be set as rotating on the sets of 8. Each of the 2 chosen teammates will complete 5 x 8 for a total of 40 each. Upon completion the 2 athletes who previously performed push ups will perform 10 burpees each before the Team can advance to the next element.

***athlete reset, meaning you can choose now which ever 2 you want to begin the next evolution***

4. 2 athletes will perform a total of 80 plate burpee to over head with 25# plate. Same as before rotating on the 8 count until 80 reps complete. The movement standard is to touch chest to the plate that is laying on the ground then stand and take plate overhead. The 2 athletes who did not perform the plate to overhead have 10 burpees upon completion before being able to advance to the next element.

5. 2 athletes will row a total of 2000 meters rotating at the 500m mark. The other 2 athletes will then again have to do 10 burpees upon completion to move to the next element.

6. 2 athletes will run an 800m relay. The second athlete will run 800m then touch the hand of the waiting athlete who will then take off on 800m run. Upon completion the other 2 athletes will do 10 burpees before moving on to the final finish line.

7. 20m crabwalk to finish line for final time. Record your time with judge and fastest time wins. This is a lung buster and true test of stamina and enduracnce. Get your strategy solid BEFORE you show up!!

Thanks for playing!

IACSeries Program Developers


8:00am – Begins with Men’s RX

WOD 1 – 2 mile run for time Men’s and Women’s RX/Scaled; 1.5 mile for Master’s Men/Master’s Women/Clydesdale/Athena

*You will be given a point total for your finish place with 1st place getting 50 points and each place after that receiving -2 off the place above.  So 1st=50, 2nd=48, 3rd=46, etc.  This goes down through the top 10 spots then all remaining finishers will receive 25 points.

There will then be at least a 30 min break going into the next succession of events which will run with 8 and 6 min breaks between events.  It is your responsibility to be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there!


WOD 2 – 10 min AMRAP of:

20m crab walk with #20 ball pushed between your feet
20 KB swings at #53 all Men and #35 all women
20 Dead Lift at #135 all Men and #75 all women
20m crab walk with #20 ball pushed between your feet
20 Cal Row

*You will get 1 point per rep and 1 point per 5 meters of crab walk with the 1st point beginning at each start line for a total of 5 points per crab walk.  The movement standard on the KB swing is that the KB breaks the plane of your knees and then the total KB is raised over your head.  This is not a CrossFit standard, I know, so don’t freak out!  It’s just easier for us to judge all day long.

****8 min break****

WOD 3 – 10 min AMRAP
40m horse stall mat (crossfit flooring mat) drag with #25 plate on the mat
20 plate burpee to overhead

*You will get 1 point per rep again on the burpee to overheads.  The movement standard is to touch your chest to the plate while the plate is on the mat then lift the plate up and get it over head.  No lockout or full extension required, just the entire plate needs to be above your head to count.  You will get 1 point per 10m on the drag with the first point at the start or 0 line for a total of 5 points per drag.  There are many techniques to drag a mat so work it out.  You may NOT FOLD AND CARRY IT!  It’s a drag with the #25 plate on the mat.  Before you both ask…. NO Eddie A. and Joel A. – there are no exceptions!!

****6 min break****

WOD 4 – 4 min Tabata

Toes to Bar/Knee Raise
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds
Men’s/Women’s RX is Toes to Bar
Men’s/Women’s Scaled is Knees to Elbows
Masters Men and Women are both Knees to Elbows (except for Tommy Long…haha)
Clydesdale/Athena are both Knee Raise

*The scoring is a multiplier of 4x your lowest round score of the 8 rounds. Example:  If you go 18,17,18,16,17,4,17,16 for the 8 rounds your score would be 4 as that is your lowest rounds x4 for a total of 16 points.


INDIVIDUAL WOD for Event 3 at THE CELL in Mesa, AZ is on March 2, 2013.

TEAM WOD is listed below the INDIVIDUAL WOD

Registration for INDIVIDUALS opens at 7am. First Heat begins at 8am. This will be a continious clock event meaning there will be a Heat starting every 12 minutes, so PLEASE BE WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. This Event has only 1 WOD for Individuals but before you get sad notice that this WOD is 44 minutes in length! BOO YAA!!


Highest point total accumulated from adding up all 4 events WINS!

1. 8 min time cap broken into 4 rounds of 2 min Fire Hose Drag/Pull and Calorie Row

You will start next to your rower with the fire hose piled next to you. On GO you will grab the hose and run it approx 100 feet. Once you cross the marked line you will turn and pull the remainder of the hose fully across the line. Once the entire hose is across the line you will run back to the start area to your rower machine and row for calories for the remainder of the 2 min. This cycle will repeat 4 times without rest for a total of 8 minutes. On our test runs the calories from RX guys ranged between 121-78. Think before you act here as there is much more to come.

***4 minute rest/transition period. It is your responsibility to move to the next start point within the 4 minute time frame. Give your score card to a waiting judge and prepare to start exactly at the end of the 4 min rest/transition period***

2. 8 min time cap to complete 100 Wall Balls as fast as possible then use the remaining time to complete as many Pull-ups as possible for a total point score

Each rep of  Wall Ball throw and Pull-up is worth one point, so if you were able to complete 100 wall balls and then within the remaining time complete 42 pullups your score would be 142. There will be med balls at the bottom of your squat that you must touch and a target set at 10 feet which you must hit with the ball. All athletes over 6′ tall may use a 25# plate under their touch ball to make a more consistent depth for all athletes.

***4 minute rest/transition period. It is your responsibility to move to the next start point within that time. Give your score card to a waiting judge and prepare to start exactly at the end of the 4 min rest/transition period***

3. 8 min time cap broken into 2 min max rep with 1 min rest/recovery of the following exercises. This will be a total point as well with each rep earning you one point towards your overall score

a. Hand Release Burpee with lateral jump over parallett bars. You may space your 2 parallett bars according to your desired distance preference. You will begin to the right side of the first bar. On GO you will drop to a hand release burpee (hands off the deck when on your chest), recover and laterally jump with both feet (no stepping over) a single parallette bar. Then you will repeat the process, jump over the second bar and then hand release burpee again for a total of 3 burpees per pass over the 2 bars. So it’s basically burpee, jump, burpee, jump, burpee – that would be one pass earning 2 points then repeat coming back the other direction as many times as possible. You earn a point each time you jump the parallette bar.

*** 1 min rest***

b. 2 min max reps of Sit Ups from the ground. There will be no supports, ab mats or feet holding. The movement standard is touch the ground behind your head while laying on the ground then sit up and touch the ground directly in front of your feet. Each touch in front of your feet earns 1 point. You may position your legs in a frog set up with the soles of your shoes pressed together if desired.

***1 min rest***

c. 2 min max parallette bars Pass Throughs. In this exercise you will earn one point each time your feet extend and heel strike the ground in front of your body. The movement standard is to touch the ground in front with knees in full extension and heels on ground then behind with knees fully extended while striking the toes to the ground. You will be holding your own weight up on the parallette bars and are NOT permitted to touch the ground underneath your body or walk through in any form.

***4 minute rest/transition period. It is your responsibility to move to the next start point within that time. Give your score card to a waiting judge and prepare to start exactly at the end of the 4 min rest/transition period***

4. 8 min Keg carry with short Wall Clears

In this event you will carry a keg filled at 100# (Men’s RX), 75# (Women’s RX, Men’s Scaled and Men’s Masters) and 50# (Women’s Scaled and Women’s Masters) to a wall approx 25m away. You will then leave the keg and run back to the start line, touch line and run back to the keg. You will then lift the keg over the wall, jump the wall and continue to carry the keg to the next wall where you will again set down the keg, run back to the first wall, jump wall, run back to start line, touch line, run forward to wall, jump wall, return to keg, clear keg over 2nd wall, jump wall and carry keg to turn around line approx 25m. Repeat process for a total of 8 min. You will be scored for total distance covered within that time frame with the furthest winning this round.

Highest Total Points added from all 4 events wins!!!!

****Use the rest of the day to Brag your butt off that you came out here and pushed yourself to the max for a good cause and begin planning your assult on the final event at San Tan CrossFit on April 6, 2013!!!!****


Registration for TEAMS begins at 11am. The TEAM WOD will be similar in timing to the INDIVIDUAL WOD. There are four 8 min rounds with a 4 minute rest period following each element.  So here it goes.

1. Team Tie up with 800m run followed by TEAM Hand Release Burpees for points.

In this event you will be tied to each other with a rope. The order for each group is girl, guy, girl, guy. The tie will be fastened around your waist and have approximately 2 feet slack in between each competitor. In this event you will have 8 minutes to run 800m as a team. Assuming you have time left you will receive 1 point per team hand release burpee completed. The object for scoring here is to do as many burpees as possible before time runs out.

4 min recovery time, transition time, prep for next event and secure a judge lane time.

2. One-at-a-time Fire Hose Drag and Row for Calories with Suspended Teammate.

Similar to the individual event, you will go in order of team member for 2 min time cap. At the begining of the 2 minutes you will run the hose out, turn and pull it across the line, return to the rower and pull like a mother for as many calories as you can until the 2 min bell rings. However, before you can begin to row, one of the 3 non-rowing team members must be held off the ground by the other 2 teammates in any fashion they wish. It must be a carry, no creative standing on a laying down member or standing on your teammate’s feet and calling that a carry. It is the judge’s decision on it is a carry or not. We are looking for a farmer carry, buddy carry, piggy back, etc. Once suspended, the rowing teammate may start so be in position ASAP as to not waste time. Upon hitting the 2 min mark the next teammate will run out, grab the hose, drag it back, pull it in and then hop on the rower. This goes for the total time of 8 minutes with each teammate getting a 2 min crack at it. You will be scored on the total calories rowed here.

4 min recovery time, transition time, prep for next event and secure a judge lane time

3. 2 min max Jump-throughs, 2 min max Overhead Plate Squats, 2 min max Wall Ball Shots, 2 min max Frog Sit ups with a Teammate Planking. 

This will be another 2 min cap where you can decide which teammate does which event. Know ahead of time as the time will not stop. One member will go first on max jump-throughs. A jump through is with the hands on the parallette bars sitting in the L position you will touch your heels in front of your body with EXTENDED KNEES followed by touching your toes directly behind you with EXTENDED KNEES. The movement standard will be extended knees in both positions and score will be taken from the heel strikes in the front. Now for the plank – while this is happening a team member, any team member and it can be the same person each time,  must be in a plank before any reps can be counted. The plank is from the hands and feet. Lose the plank, we stop the exercise until you recover. Be strong my friends.

The second movement is 2 minutes over head plate squats.  45# men/25# women. The unit of measure here is to have the crease of your hip drop below the top of your knee, fully extended hips at the top of the standing position. The plate will be held overhead with NO CONTACT with your head. One point per squat. Same Planking rules apply here.

The third movement is wall ball shots with 20# men/14# women. There are targets set at 10 feet. The movement is a full squat finishing with the ball hitting the target. One point per rep. Yup, same planking rules here as well.

Fourth movement is to do frog sit ups. The standard here is to start from laying on your back. Your hands touch the ground above your head, then do a sit up and touch the ground in front of your toes. You may have the soles of your feet touching as to keep the feet closer to the body. You will be scored with each floor touch in front of your feet. No touch = No rep! One point per touch. Oh ya, still gotta have a planker.

4 min recovery time, transition time, prep for next event and secure a judge lane time

4. Keg carry with short Wall Climb Relay.

For this event you will go in a girl, guy, girl, guy order. Keg weight will be 75# men/50# women. The ladies will run the keg to the wall, throw keg over wall, climb over wall, carry to second wall, repeat, run keg around turn around then come back through the course going over both walls, again, and finishing where you started. Tag your teammate and watch them run. Total distance here is how you score points. It is one point per wall cleared so each teammate will score 4 points per lap. The point is earned when the teammate jumps over the wall. Go hard – don’t throw the Keg as there are other athletes out here. Any unsafe actions will result in a 2 point score reduction for each violation.

Total points earned wins the Prize! Go hard, use your mind to stay focused and work as a Team amd…..COMMUNICATE!!!



TEAMS and RX Men/Women – These groups are competing for the  Championship Grand Prizes!!

TEAMS – Consists of 2 males/2 females of any age or division.  You do NOT need to be a fire-breather here as there are no fitness requirements for the TEAMS.  This is designed to be a true team event where you will rely on your entire team to pull together to complete the mission.  It will be tough but fun, and yes you CAN do this!  The WODs will be completely different from the Individual events, so feel free to register for both the Individual and Team events.  We will ensure there will be enough time in between both the Individual and Team events for rest and recovery.

RX Men/Women – This division is for those with fitness experience that train on a consistent basis and may have competed in the past or have a background as a high school or collegiate athlete.  This group should be able to comfortably perform exercises such as:

  • pull-ups
  • weighted squats
  • dead lift
  • odd object lifting
  • run 800m without stopping

Scaled Men/Women – This division is for those athletes that may be newer to fitness and want to have fun while pushing themselves.  The workouts will be the same as the RX division, however the weights, times and reps will generally be less.  First-timers are encouraged to sign up here.

Clydesdale Men/Athena Women – Offered only at THE CELL, this division is for those athletes that are 275 lbs or more (men) or 200 lbs or more (women) who are in all different stages of their “Transformation Journey.”  Whether you are in the beginning, middle or just thinking about starting your weight-loss journey, this is the division for you!  The workouts will be geared specifically for this division and will not resemble any of the other divisions in terms of weights, times and reps but is sure to give athletes an opportunity to compete and rub shoulders with other inspiring athletes!

Masters Men/Women – This division is for those athletes that are 40 years old and above.  The WODs will be somewhere between RX and Scaled in difficulty and the weights, times and reps will be adjusted accordingly.


The programming comes to us from SEALFIT including Mark Divine and some other super stealthy folks.  You will NOT KNOW what the event will be until at least 4 days prior, when the exact WOD will be posted on this web site.  You can count on these WODs being different from anything you’ve done in the gym.  We are spending a considerable amount of time ensuring the event to be a blend of fun, tough, challenging and memorable.  Bring your friends and family as they just might have a chance to get in on the action!


Each event will have a separate event involving a Concept2 Rower machine.  There will be a $5 buy-in for a chance to win half the total pot – the other half goes to Savannah (see her story on our Community Page).  Distances will vary and you do not have to be a contestant in the IACSeries to participate.  You may enter as many times as you like.  Do it as half the money goes to charity and you just might burn some serious calories!


Registration: Begins at 7:00am

Start-up Time: Begins at 8:00am

End time: Approximately 12:00pm for events 1, 2 and 3 with the exception of event 4 where winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded.  The end time for event 4 at CrossFit SanTan on April 6th, 2013 is yet to be determined.       


Each IACSeries event will be scored in 2 ways.  There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place handed out in the RX, Scaled, Clydesdale and Masters Division of each individual event.  TEAMS will be scored the same and will also be awarded prizes.  And yes, you can double dip by entering both the Individual event and the TEAM event!

Championship Grand Prizes will be granted to the overall winners of the entire series (RX and TEAMS only).  Scoring for the series will be as follows:

  • 1 point – 1st place RX, Scaled, Clydesdale,  Masters, Team
  • 2 points – 2nd place RX, Scaled, Clydesdale, Masters, Team
  • 3 points – 3rd place RX, Scaled, Clydesdale, Masters, Team

and so on….

The person/team with the lowest total score at the end of the 4th event in April at SanTan CrossFit will be the winner!!!!  Second place will go to the person/team with the second lowest total score at the end of the last event.  So basically you get points for your finish at each event.  The lowest total after 4 events wins.