Welcome to The Industrial Athlete Championship Series

C-Town Thrown Start Times

  1. 5:54 CF375 A –Bomb Squad – CF375 C
  2. 6:00 pm Dominate –Studio Fit –CF 375 B
  3. 6:06 Milf’s –Ball to the Wall –Handy Bro’s
  4. 6:12 Prestige Worldwide –CFP Trio –CFDV
  5. 6:18 CF Preferred –Baby Masters –Old Farts
  6. 6:24 Booty & Beards–Talk to me Goose–Embrace The Suc
  7. 6:30 Infernal red hot –3 Not so wise Men –Glamrap
  8. 6:36 CFQC –CrossFingers –FS Warriors
  9. 6:42 Six feet over – Infernal Girls –SFS Luluemon
  10. 6:48 Free Range –The Real Husbands –Nerd Herd
  11. 6:54 Team Phx –Wod Out With Your Quads – Blurnation
  12. 7:00 pm So GNAR-2 Kyles and Kelly –We’re Famous
  13. 7:06 Scorpion CrossFit –Build Up Babes I –Box Babes
  14. 7:12 CFQC -Full Strength Warriors –EVCF Veterans
  15. 7:18 Build Up Men –Thunder Down Under –CF Arms
  16. 7:24 CF Solutions – Quarter Lemons –Team Peer Pressure
  17. 7:30 Silent Assassins –Infernalites –Team Infernal Built
  18. 7:36 Free Range –Team Awesome –Smith&Coopers
  19. 7:42 Barbelles2 –Barbelles1 –Fury-ious Hot Mamas
  20. 7:48 Girls Infernal –Girls Forbidden –Cochinaz
  21. 7:52 CF Forbidden –Floyd Factor –Beauties & Beast
  22. 8:00pm Non affiliates –Ape FIT -Matthew Bauer

    Join us November 21st for the C-Town Throwdown! 

    Go to iacseries.com/throwdown now to learn more.







    IAC Event 3 WODS are now posted on the EVENT page!!! 

    IACSeries event 3 at Mesa SWAT and FIRE Training Academy is upon us. For details check out the event page. Registration opens at 7am and first heat will begin promptly at 8am. It will be hot, prepare. There will be food and drink available for purchase.

    The 2014 IAC Series is fast approaching.  The IACS Team is committed to this series being our BEST one yet, and in TRU IAC Series fashion bringing you things you have never seen  in a sport of FITness competition. There are a couple of changes this year:

    1. Competitions have gotten way too long so we are committing to have these events start on-time and be finished by 1pm.
    2. We will have a Masters Division (40 & Over)
    3. Teams will go first in the competition
    4. Time Chip technology will be used for fast and accurate scoring
    5. Paid Judges – to provide a cohesive judging structure

    What are you waiting for?  Get Registered HERE
    Want a preview of what we did last year and what’s in store for this years event? Check out the promo video below!!


    This year’s IACSeries is focussing on a completely different charity of choice. We decided to shed some light and education on a lesser-known killer of women – Cervical Cancer. As the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related killers, cervical cancer is passed to men and women in ways other than what is conventionally thought. In the U.S., approximately 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and more than 4,000 die as a result annually! January is Cervical Health Awareness Month….so educate yourself and others on HPV & Cervical Cancer Prevention at the National Cervical Cancer Coalition’s website.