Welcome to The Industrial Athlete Championship Series

IAC Series presents
“Round 3”
Welcome back! It’s time to get it going again and we are happy to announce that this year we have some very exciting changes. This year around we want to focus on the strength of the team and the overall awesomeness and fun factor. Here are a few changes you can expect.
1. Shorter total event time. This year we want to have 8am registration with 9am start time. Total event finish at 12pm, awards following and after party at 1230pm. We are all busy in life so let’s get in, have fun, work hard, raise some money and awareness for charity and move on!
2. Team format. There will be 6 total divisions
• RX TEAM – 3 members with any combination of male/female (40 teams)
• Scaled TEAM – 3 members with any combination of male/female (30 teams)
• Masters – 3 members with any combination of male/female (15 teams)
• Youth – 3 members (13-17) with any combination of male/female (10 teams)
3. Registration will be capped at the numbers listed above as to ensure we are able to meet the times posted above and maintain a higher level of quality as opposed to quantity at the IACSereis.
4. Awards – individual events and overall series point’s leaders will be recognized and awarded. There will be NO cash prizes as we will be passing that money along to the associated charity. However, our super cool custom trophies will be on hand once again.
5. Format – Teams will work through a continuation of evolutions across a large scale open area (think golf course). Time/Reps will be recorded and submitted for placing. Total work load will be approx. 1 hour of time.
6. Breakdown – Teams will have the option of having any combination they choose of men/women and at each evolution there will be set exercise/distance/weight for that particular gender in a scaled format similar with Crossfit programing.
7. Skill – Team unity and work capacity are paramount here, this is NOT an Olympic lifting event. There will be a wide variety of challenges that may include exercise and movement from all areas of fitness but there will not be any highly technical work that would rule a large population of athletes out.
8. Athletes – you do not have to be a Crossfit athlete to compete. This is a total fitness competition based on the Industrial Athlete program. Work load, team work and strategy will play as the biggest variables here.
9. Cost- 125$ per team per event. Discount for registering for all 3 at once 350$. All levels, all divisions. A portion of proceeds will be directly given to our chosen charity!
More information to come check back at www.iacseries.com for updates

IAC Team

Want a preview of what we did last year and what’s in store for this years event? Check out the promo video below!!